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Lloyd’s Lollipop Land’s pre-kindergarten program is geared toward preparing your child for Kindergarten by further expanding upon the developmental aspects of their individual growth.

We offer various levels of learning and understanding in manipulative development. The focus is on the development of fine-motor skills in this age group.

Pre-Kindergarten skills are much more refined at this crucial part of their developmental learning required by the pre-kindergarten teacher.

We prepare children for Kindergarten by exposing them to academics according the Illinois State guidelines, while continuing to focus on self-esteem and independence skills through our enrichment activities.

Weekly homework assignments are also required for the pre-kindergarten child.

Milestones to be focused on in the Pre-Kindergarten experience:

  • Patterning and sequencing
  • Simple math
  • Understanding size differences (big, small, short, tall, more, less)
  • Counting, recognizing and printing numbers one to twenty
  • Verbally spelling and printing first and last name
  • Recalls events from a story
  • Speaking in front of peers (show and tell)
  • Writing and recognizing the entire alphabet
  • Fine tune large and small motor skills
  • Independent with problem solving
  • Reinforcing self help skills
  • Enhanced social skills with peers and adults