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Ensuring your child’s safety with us

Lloyd’s Lollipop Land’s daily activities are designed to encourage a toddler’s curiosity and free movement by providing hands-on experiences throughout the day. Through guided play activities, we encourage climbing, rolling, walking and running, along with small and large motor skill activities. We further individual development, as well as nurture individual confidence and curiosity.

A toddler’s typical day will encompass circle-time, storytime, music, art and outdoor play (weather permitting).

Our goal is to provide an enhanced awareness of the world around them as they grow – discovery without fear.

The staff encourages the children to use self-help skills as they provide basic need care. Routines are essential at their age to help them predict the events that will occur during the day.

Milestones that are focused upon in the Toddler experience:

  • Increased language development
  • Interest in joining groups of children
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Learning new songs
  • Increased ability to communicate verbally
  • Ability to problem solve
  • More independence skills
  • An awareness of self and others
  • Desire to explore environment freely