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Ensuring well-rounded growth and development

Lloyd’s Lollipop Land Daycare, Inc. is a highly respected child care center that provides early childhood education and quality childcare to families throughout the Chicago area and outlying suburbs.

We are very committed to providing enriched learning environments in high quality settings for the children we serve. We have developed a curriculum that offers the best emotional, social, and cognitive experiences for the children in our program.

Lloyd’s Lollipop Land offers:

  • Quality childcare in a nurturing atmosphere
  • Reasonable rates, including two meals and a snack
  • Flexible scheduling to meet each parent childcare need
  • Parent involvement and personable service


Lloyd’s Lolliop Land is a childcare center with an extreme passion for the growth and development of young children. Our child-centered program focuses on the emotional, social and cognitive development of children on an individual basis.

The children of Lloyd’s Lollipop Land are motivated to develop at their own level. Each child is encouraged to explore and develop with a warm and capable staff, in an environment with age appropriate equipment and materials. Enriching experiences are provided with emphasis on sensory and perceptual skills; language development; concept formation; problem solving and abstract thinking.

We feel that open lines of communication between the center and the parent, is how we build strong relationships – many client referrals and parents who never forgot their child’s childcare experience.


Lloyd’s Lollipop Land has always been committed to providing staff that is qualified and capable of meeting the high standards set forth by Lloyd’s Lollipop Land Daycare, Inc.

The teachers have training in current theories of child development. The curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of each child within a group setting. An emphasis is placed on individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive learning development.

Activities are designed to stimulate and meet the children’s individual and group needs and are offered in a flexible, informal and stable atmosphere. Children are free to initiate activities, work at their own level, and to feel the excitement of accomplishment.

The following are the programs we offer: