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Lloyd’s Lollipop Land’s after school program is provided for students whose parents still seek a quality setting for their child to stay in after normal school hours are over.

Our after-school program will encourage continued development of skills, knowledge of concepts for continued success in school and the world. Our programs offer various learning centers where children are exposed to social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills and concepts.

Our school aged program focuses on the social development and skills while creating a partnership with parents and schools to assist with homework and offer children a safe and enjoyable extension of their day.

We offer your child the opportunity to develop physically. We have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhances physical development throughout the day.

A typical school aged after-school program:

  • Arrive/release from school
  • Homework time/Checked and reviewed by staff
  • Individual time (Computers/Reading/Video games)
  • Outdoor activities (Basketball, kickball, dodge ball, etc.)
  • Snack time
  • Quality television time