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Building foundations for lifelong learning.

Daily activities for this group consist of circle-time, art, math, science, music and out-door play (weather permitting).

Lloyd’s Lollipop Land encourages problem solving through the use of creative learning, which enhances and stimulates a desire for the children to learn. All activity is developmentally appropriate to stimulate positive growth. These activities help to encourage the development of language, problem solving, for independence and shared activities. Children are encouraged to seek help with difficult tasks. Resect of peers and staff are also incorporated and encouraged in the daily curriculum of activities.

Weekly homework assignments are given to the preschoolers, and we are designed to be an extension of what children learn in the classroom, which enables the parent to be more knowledgeable of their children’s learning progress.

The preschool child is at their apex of awareness and discovery. Each child is encouraged and guided to become more aware and to make new discoveries of social relationships, through art, music, language arts, science, gross motor skills, manipulative and perceptual experiences.

Milestones to be focused upon in a preschool experience:

  • Patterning
  • Able to sort by shape, size and color
  • Understand cause and effect
  • Beginning problem solving
  • Basic Rote counting to twenty
  • Tracing lines, shapes, and symbols
  • Recognizing some of the alphabets and numbers up to 10
  • Recognizing same and different
  • Speaking in front of peers (show and tell)